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Milos Dimitrijevic Senior Full-Stack Developer

Milos Dimitrijevic

Work Experience

Senior Front-End Developer

Feb 2024 - Present

Qinshit, Sweden

Migrating from Vue 2 to Vue 3 and Nuxt 3 for a large enterprise level application. Developing new version of the Front-end using Vue 3 (w/ Composition API), Tailwind, Nuxt 3 (w/ Composition API), Typescript, Vitest, and using Nuxt server utilities, communicating with other internal services

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Jan 2023 - Nov 2023

talentsconnect, Germany

Front-end development on one of the largest job market tools used by hundreds of major companies in Western Europe. Developing new version of the Front-end using Vue 2 & Vue 3 (w/ Composition API), Tailwind, Nuxt 2 & Nuxt 3, Typescript, Vitest, and using Nuxt server utilities, communicating with other internal services

Senior Back-End Developer (Node JS)

FreshFx, Austria

Working as Back-end developer for the company's major client Red Bull on Athlete Performance application, on the daily basis using Node with Express and Postgres DB, with Docker, GitLab, Postman and testing as well as deploying with Jenkins. Daily communication with Skype, Teams and Project management (stories) with Jira.

Senior Front-End Developer

Camlin, UK (Kelvatek)

Architecting enterprise level application in Vue 3 written in Typescript for the admin UI to oversee the network of devices for monitors generators and circuit breakers and monitoring equipment

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Seavus, Nt Macedonia/Serbia

Working with VueJS on an enterprise-level web application for a client in the medical industry in North Europe. Daily tasks of converting designs into code using an agile methodology (Scrum) with Git version control, issue tracking, organizing and coding efficient Vue components (Vue/JavaScript, ES6+, semantic HTML, styling with CSS with SCSS), improving app structure, resolving bugs & UI/UX issues, connecting to Back-End API (microservices)

Freelance Development

2018 - 2021

Delivered small to medium full-stack projects as a freelance developer, including activities: client negotiation and discovery, sketches and wireframes, coding Front-End and Back-End and deployment to a cloud environment. Stacks include Vue, React, Node, Mongo and SQL.

Export Sales Manager (non-IT)

2014 - 2021

Benlian Foods, Serbia

Managed export sales to 40+ markets worldwide, client-to-production communication, and product development (design to delivery). In charge of food exhibition shows (ISM Cologne, SIAL Paris, Dubai). Together with distribution partners worked with largest retail chains in the world (ALDI, Billa, Edeka, Walmart, Carrefur, etc)

2000 - 2002

(web arhive)

During my college studies, I fully developed & managed a personal website with HTML/CSS and Perl as Back-End. A fun personal project ended up having hundreds of daily visits. An archived version of the website can be seen at (2000 - 2002)